At SVA, one of our mottos is “Educating Continuous Improvement”

Our commitment to this ideal is much deeper than any saying or any book, however we also believe that there is much wisdom in the world that has already been developed and can be leveraged.

In an attempt to codify our beliefs we researched many different methodologies for improvement and believe that the fundamental principles of the Lean Six Sigma methodology are consistent with our beliefs.

Lean Six Sigma

One constant in the financial world is continuously change, and therefore we believe that if you are not continually adapting to these changes you are likely to fall behind.

But just adapting and reacting is not enough in a competitive world, any effort invested in change should be leveraged with an eye toward improvement.  Thus, continuous improvement is the only way to remain successful in a changing competitive world.

Financial departments are no stranger to changing environments and therefore must be challenged to continuously improve in order to achieve and maintain a trusted adviser status and contribute towards the success of the organization.

The core of a financial department is its processes and they too must continuously improve and adapt to the changing needs of the organization.

Silicon Valley Accountants has developed a Continuous Improvement Methodology for financial processes that leverages the key attributes of Lean Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma offers the following benefits:

  • Customer Facing (end-user focused) – Deliver speed and quality, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Improve Process – Continuously eliminate waste and increase consistency
  • Teamwork focused – Work collaboratively to get synergy
  • Facts based – Gather and use current relevant information to adjust

SVA is committed to applying the best existing methodologies, your companies practices and our dedication to educating continuous improvement to achieve superior results in any work we complete for you.