Why Engage SVA?

Improved Communications:

In order for any organization to optimize processes, communication is key. SVA has shown our clients that you can use a combination of technology and processes to improve communications within a department and across departments.

More Efficient Processes:

SVA  helps finance departments to develop and instill a culture of continuous improvement.  With a combination of education, consulting, and coaching SVA helps organizations improve processes, reduce waste, and add value.

Increased Visibility:

Instantly know the status of every task in all of your key financial processes.  Which are on schedule?  Which are behind?  Where do you need to apply additional resources?

Pain Free Audits:

Is it possible to have a pain free audit? SVA helps companies manage internal and external audits more efficiently,  dramatically reducing audit time and costs while maintaining compliance.

Reduced Risk:

Have all your controls in one place,  easy to manage and accessible when you need them.

Continuous Improvement:

By devoting a small amount of time each month to improving processes, organizations reap huge rewards.  SVA helps organizations with a combination of education, consulting, and coaching to instill a culture of continuous improvement.

SVA has a proven record of helping finance organizations thrive in these challenging times Our services comprise two frameworks, both of which work together to create a more efficient and effective organization.  Both frameworks employ a combination of consulting and  education tailored specifically to your needs, and designed to help your organization.

Our Financial Effectiveness Framework ™

We focus on helping companies balance People, Process, and Systems to achieve highly efficient organizations with improved teamwork, communications, and an ethic of continuous improvement

Our Lean Value Creation Framework ™

We use proven process improvement methodologies to help organizations to implement incremental changes, measure and then adapt or further improve.   Using Lean continuous process improvement techniques, finance organizations increase efficiency, reduce waste, and focus on adding value.