SVA offers Education & Consulting, Assessment, and Coaching to finance organizations seeking to optimize processes.  All our services are built around two frameworks which work together to help organizations become more efficient and effective.  Our Financial Effectiveness Framework™  focuses on optimizing the People, Processes, and Systems in your organization, and our Lean Value Creation Framework™ helps organizations to reduce waste and focus on value add activities.

Creating a culture of continuous improvement begins with education, and SVA is committed to offering a broad range of education to finance departments.

Educating Continuous Improvement

SVA offers courses covering a wide range of topics including current technical accounting issues, building leadership, and teamwork in finance organizations, and financial process improvement.


Financial Effectiveness Framework™

SVA offers a series of courses built on the foundation of our Financial Effectiveness Framework™.  Talk to one of our course developers about which course or courses would be most effective for you.  


Lean Value Creation Framework™

Learn how high performing finance organizations use Lean and Agile techniques improve teamwork,  increase trust, become more efficient, and add more value to their companies.


Optimizing the Accounting Close

Learn how top performing companies have applied continuous improvement methods to make the close process more visible, predictable, efficient, and accurate. 


Mastering Audit Management

Proven practices and techniques for a more efficient audit.  Learn how successful companies have simultaneously  reduced both risk and cost



We have found that companies with efficient close processes can reduce their cost of reporting and audit by as much as 50%.  At the same time, more efficient “day to day” processes give finance departments more time to perform analytics and other true value add services.

Our Tool

Using our proprietary Financial Effectiveness Framework™ SVA will provide a free assessment of your financial processes and help you identify low risk initiatives to increase effectiveness and efficiency of the finance organization.  Our assessments help companies identify and address key risks.




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Making your financial processes more efficient and effective will allow finance organizations to focus more time on adding value to the organization.

Creating a culture of continuous improvement is a challenging task for almost any finance organization.  Having been asked to do more with less for so many years,  finance personnel often struggle to get the core processes of reporting done on time.  So many times we have heard from customers and potential customers that they don’t have time for process improvement.  The truth is that you do not have time NOT to do process improvement.

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