SVA Consulting Services combine our proprietary Financial Effectiveness Framework™ with our Lean Value Added Framework™ to provide effective, tactical consulting services that are tailored to your organizations goals and needs.

  • Close Optimization:
    • Solving the problem of the last mile of financial reporting has been the goal of financial organizations since double entry accounting was invented.  While ERPs and other systems have added significant automation to the process, they have also added complexity.  In addition, because of the changing nature and complexity of the close no ERP provides a complete solution.   It is in these areas that the most significant opportunities for improvement come. SVA Consultants are experts in the area of financial process optimization, and we can help you to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Audit Management:
    • There is no way other way to say it.  Audits are expensive and time consuming.  While required for compliance, the goal of every company should be to lower audit costs as much as possible without increasing risk. SVA Consultants will help you to manage audits for maximum efficiency.  As one of our clients put it after working with us, they experienced a “Pain Free Audit”.
  • Financial Process Improvement:
    •  SVA Consultants will work with you to identify additional processes and put a program in place for continuous improvement.   We have helped organization document and optimize processes from payroll to P-cards.


SVA Consulting is performed on a fixed cost, 100% guaranteed basis.  We have helped financial organizations increase efficiency, lower costs, and reduce risk.