My Role

Jeff Hunger addresses the question “Who is in control? The system or the user?” to show how AFRM® balances user interface and automatic processes to make the close process more simple.

Your view and needs related to the close process are dependent on your role and position in the accounting and finance team.  in order to successfully complete your work, you face unique challenges.

AFRM® is designed to address the challenges of those involved with the financial close while helping the whole team increase its efficiency and effectiveness, thereby increasing productivity and significantly reducing costs.

CFO – As a CFO you are provided with increased confidence surrounding the entire financial close process.  Your managers now have real-time visibility of the close process and know where to apply additional resources to address the constantly changing needs. The AFRM® tool ensures completeness, improves the accuracy of the close and reduces your total time and costs, including compliance costs.  The bottom line is that AFRM® will let you rest assured that the entire close and financial reporting process is complete and DONE, correctly the first time.  There will be few, if any surprises arising from the financial close process, finally and thankfully. 

Most Responsible for the Close (Controller, Accounting Manager) – The MRC is the primary manager of the close.  Every organization knows who this person is and the pressure they endure to effectively manage the entire close and reporting process.  AFRM® is a seamless integration of various technologies which will provide visibility, manageability, communication, compliance tracking and acts as a virtual assistant for this person.  Learn how AFRM® provides a world class solution to continuously improving the financial close and other relater processes.

SVA is committed to fully supporting the MRC during the implementation and optimization of the close and reporting process.  The MRC is extremely busy and may not have adequate cycles to implement the AFRM® solution, especially during the close process.  To this end we work closely with the MRC during the implementation and optimization and provide resources to help with close management and will even perform close tasks, if necessary.  Ultimately, the MRC will become more efficient and effective because of this tool that allows expanded management scope. 

Close and Reporting process participants –  These are the men and women who are tasked monthly with completing a close and reporting process regardless of the circumstances. These dedicated people work very long and hard to complete the close as fast and accurately as they can.  Regardless of any special circumstances such as an acquisition, record quarter, illness or holiday, these employees will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the books are closed and the financial statements are prepared on time.  SVA is committed to delivering the best process optimization technology and methodology to provide assistance to these individuals who are the very foundation of every financial reporting process.  Our focus is on delivering practical solutions for these people, who let’s face it have had more than their fair share of pizza powered late nights.