Lean Value Creation Framework™

SVA helps Finance departments develop a culture of continuous improvement for all financial reporting processes.  Our clients have found that  devoting a small amount of time each month to education and process improvement results in huge rewards in a short period of time.

Our Lean Value Creation Framework™ uses the proven principles of Lean Six Sigma process improvement to help companies optimize processes,  and increase the amount of time spent on value add activities.

  1. Reduce Waste.   In many financial processes, the most significant waste is waiting time, whether it is waiting for approval or waiting for a reconciliation, any time a team member can not proceed due to lack of communication or visibility is waste.  By helping finance organizations to increase visibility and improve communication, SVA has helped companies to achieve processes that are efficient and effective.
  2. Measure Key Processes Metrics.  In order to improve a process, you need to measure and track the key variables.
  3. Focus on What is Important.   Which processes result in the biggest delays?  Where can you find the biggest improvement for the effort put in?
  4. Improve Communication. Successful Lean Process Improvement requires that all team members be on the same page.  SVA helps finance organizations improve communications and capitalize on the abilities and insights of the entire team.
  5. Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement.  Small changes applied continuously over time have a huge impact.  Improving a process One Half of One Percent per month results in an improvement of almost 20% in three years.

Contact us to learn more about how our Financial Effectiveness Framework ™ and Lean Value Creation Framework ™ can help you to improve financial processes, become more efficient, and create additional value for your organization.