Electronic Workpapers For Tax Departments Increase Productivity And Improve Compliance Documentation

You may have heard that the accounting close is financial reporting’s “last mile.”  If this is true, then tax provisions are generally the final hurdle of that “last mile”.  The tax provision is dependent on many processes which precede it and there is tremendous pressure on tax teams to prepare an accurate tax provision based on these processes.  The tax provision is also among the final entries recorded in a period.  Often this information is modified and re-modified with little communication, or consideration for, the impact on tax provision preparers.

Silicon Valley Accountants has helped finance organizations with the “last mile” of financial reporting and we believe that our innovative solution may have applicability to tax departments.  Please join us for a focus group meeting with your peers where we will discuss some of the issues tax departments are facing and our AFRM® Solution’s applicability for tax departments.  We will not attempt to sell you anything at this focus group.

Food or snacks will be provided.

The focus groups will take place at our San Jose office, which is located at:

1754 Technology Dr. Ste 106
San Jose, CA 95110

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For any questions, please call us at (408)452-5733.