Making your financial processes more efficient and effective will allow finance organizations to focus more time on adding value to the organization.

Creating a culture of continuous improvement is a challenging task for almost any finance organization.  Having been asked to do more with less for so many years,  finance personnel often struggle to get the core processes of reporting done on time.  So many times we have heard from customers and potential customers that they don’t have time for process improvement.  The truth is that you do not have time NOT to do process improvement.

SVA customers have found that by spending 1 day per month – that’s 5% of your total time – organizations can  improve overall efficiency by 20% in a short period of time.  One of our customers told us that they have gained 6 days per month by  improving the efficiency of core financial reporting processes.  They have used that time to increase analytics, and add increased value to the organization.

SVA consultant can be your finance organization’s process improvement coach.  Almost all of the most effective process improvement comes from  the people actually doing the work.  A great coach helps to keep them focused and constantly improving.