IIA CEO – We are not “bean counters”

IIA CEO Richard Chambers makes a impassioned plea for members of the profession to stand up for themselves and fight back against some of the common stereotypes.

Key Quotes

“today internal auditors … examine how the beans are grown, how they are harvested, and how they are taken to market”

“the critical characteristics of a modern chief audit executive are … curiosity, creativity, initiative”

Chambers calls on all internal audit professionals to advocate against the “bean counter” and “box checker” stereotype. He also calls on internal auditors to be agents of change.

We have certainly seen internal auditors who have brought tremendous value and insight to their companies. We have also seen companies where the IA staff was so bogged down in their day to day work, that they did not have bandwidth to add value.

What do you think? Is this a problem of perception, or reality? What is the best way to raise the profile of the IA profession?

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