Every Accounting and Finance department is overworked and understaffed.  Nobody is sitting around waiting for something to do.

The are several projects which are priority and the department has not had the time to address these projects.

Do you have time for another project?  Absolutely.

Continuous Improvement efforts on the financial close will save you time, in the near term and give you more time in the long run.  This is an area where the time invested will pay dividends in a very near term and keep generating time savings for the long term.

Additionally, the close optimization methodology and technology can help address other issues robbing productivity from your department.  Optimization can be taken Beyond the Close.  Problems in the close rarely start in the close.  Mostly they come from other departments, as a part of another business process.

Using a tool such as the Accelerated Financial Reporting Management module can help you to improve communication throughout your entire organization, and resolve discrepancies and other issues more quickly.

So how do you find the time to improve your close?  In short, you don’t try to do it all at once.  Using our Staged Rapid Deployment methodology, we can help you to start improving your close, gaining visibility, improving manageability and communication, all while causing minimum disruption to your close.

Once you gain proficiency in the Optimization methodology and technology, your team will leverage the time savings dividend and go Beyond the Close to solve other issues. 

Learn how by attending one of our free half-day seminars.