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Your growth leads to your success

You grow when you learn.

Your success leads to our success.

We grow when you learn.

Learning leads to continuous improvement.

            In all aspects of life, not just professionally.

The more we improve, the more we succeed.

Let’s succeed together!


At Silicon Valley Accountants we teach continuous improvement.  We teach process improvement.  We help financial professionals understand and apply continuous improvement methodology.  We live what we teach and welcome team members who are open and receptive to personal development and growth through learning.  If you are ready to challenge yourself, invest in yourself, and stretch beyond your present definition, you may be a good fit for our team.

We continue to grow and are looking to hire several more team members at all levels for consulting engagements. Lots of hard work, travel, learning, and leadership within a great opportunity to grow and excel.

Our search at this time is for candidates in the CLEVELAND, OH area.

Please send your resume with current contact information to and clarify your availability.